Sunday, January 27, 2008

The Changing Landscape of Music

My favourite musician, David Usher, recently posted this comment on his Facebook (yes, Facebook) page. On Christmas Day, he posted a free mp3 of his rendition of White Christmas. He has also posted songs in various stages of development (usually just a camcorder pointed at him while he tries out the song), then once finished, links these songs to iTunes for purchase. Times seem to be a-changing.

Anyway, here is the comment. I am most interested in what you have to say!

what crazy possibilities the world gives us now. technological revolution, communications revolution, changes the way we can make art. changes who we are. that cycle of write, record, release still exists but so many of the old controls are gone. we get to explore this new space, the new world of music and art without the old walls. its like landing on the moon for the first time. are you going to stay in the ship because it feels safer, or go tearing around, exploring?
i think i like the moon…

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The Swan said...

It's true. It's a brave new world, to quote a phrase.

I just had my computer stolen with 5 years of home recordings on it. Fucking devastating, really. But it's also inspired me to start making new recordings at as furious a pace as I can. I'm thinking I'll do a podcast, and just send out a song every it finsihed or in process or whatever. A neat way to archive stuff, as well as to get stuff out to folks who might be interested.

I'm pretty excited about the notion. Now i just have to get a new computer and recording set-up.